10 tips on parenting from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

To be good parents is a difficult task. Especially if you’re a superstar and you have as many as 6 children. But This celebrity couple copes with its responsibilities.

Here are 10 rules that Jolie and Pitt are advised to adhere to the upbringing of children. We sure, these guys are bad will not advise.

Tips from Angelina

1. Teachers deserve a good reward. I am ashamed that the US is one of the richest States on the planet —such meager pay money for teachers and educators, those shaping the next generation. This is just absurd!Brad not negotiating with private teachers, because, not appreciating the work of educators, we would devalue their future.

2. My home is where my children are. Not a problem for me to move. Americans this actually easy to relate— we all have mixed ancestry. In the veins of my father-Dutch German and Czech blood. The ancestors of my mother — the Indians-the Iroquois. Now you understand why I am.

3. The birth of a child a reason to forgive your parents. Maybe there’s something Freudian, but when you were raised by a father who, for whatever reasons, is far from ideal, it affects your relationship with children. The appearance gives your children the opportunity to reconcile with his parents. It’s the perfect time to forgive. Absurd mistakes that my father did, help me be a better mother for my children.

4. An ideal father is one who knows how to act in critical situations, and knows how to control himself. The One who prefers diplomacy to force. The one who knows how to treat their children.

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5. We fight without witnesses. Brad cannot be put out of his state of Zen. He is a man with a logical mind,and I’m impulsive and do everything at the last minute. And with a bunch of children! But as for education,here we are with brad on the same wavelength. He never argues with my decisions. I’m with him too. I think there is nothing worse than when your parents when children questioned the rightness of each other. In case of disagreement, we fight so that children are not heard. So, when I tell Maddox that he would not ride a motorcycle with my dad, he would never go to complain to brad in hopes to lift the ban. However, this does not prevent him to return to baseball in the muddy pants and shattered sneakers. Then I discuss it with brad— very high tone. But could not work — they are both boys!

Tips from Brad

6. We give the right to choose a profession. In childhood I was a fan of Travolta. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a reporter. Then came the period of disco. I wanted to be like John Travolta and dance like he’s in “Saturday night Fever”. I wanted his costume very much. Then I became interested in photography. I shot everything that came in the lens of my camera. A love of architecture came later. How can I force their children to be consistent towards the profession?

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7. We do not impose our own faith. Angie and I have together children of different nationalities and faiths,and we are not going to impose our religion. For example, I was raised Baptist, but never felt the urge to pray as fervently as do my parents, deeply religious people. In the town of Springfield, where I grew up, I Was taught to respect those who live by faith. But honestly, while I’m more than preaching, was interested in pretty girls, which could be found in the churchyard. It was a big mistake. Because, seeing once again my interest, the pastor had me read aloud before the whole flock the closing prayer. Nightmare. I was incredibly shy!

8. Vanity is not valued in the family of Pitta. I became a star even before I had become a father for the whole of Orava. Now my priority is the children, even though they take all the energy. See the dark circles under the eyes? If girls who meditate on my posters, know what I look like in the morning, they would be disappointed. Paternity tames the ego. Becoming a father, I said goodbye to illusions on the subject of my chosen. Before leaving home, I thought: “What my plans are for today?” Now I often think, “When I finish work today?” You feel the difference?

9. We do not make distinctions between them. We gave birth to some, others have adopted — they should not feel the difference. To adopt an orphan, to give hope to the deprived kids — consider it our mission!

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10. You need to have parental ambitions. Children give a lot: peace of mind, joy of life, the desire to grow as a person. I love to take them on nature, bending over backwards, coming up with new games. Believe me, it requires serious effort. The only thing my kids can’t stand is a chore! Like all parents, I have ambitions and plans for them. I hope they will find their place in life and my name will not become a nuisance. I know many sad stories of those who inherited a large fortune, and understand the risks.

Yeah, my kids are available all that is best in the world. Compared to others they have a huge advantage — I hope they are conscious of this report. When I was a teenager, I didn’t have 25 pairs of sneakers, my parents waited until the old ones wear out. I can only insist that children respected their teachers and well-behaved in the classroom, recognize the authority of adults, achieved good results in their studies. What else to add? That Each of them is an integral part of my life. Forever.

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