3 Tips For Choosing A Perfect Grill

An outdoor grill is not just a basic cooking utensil – it’s a device that can help you, your family members and your friends have fun barbeque dinners and garden parties whenever you like. The variety of dishes you can cook using a grill is almost as big as the range of grills represented on the market today. That is why you’ll definitely need assistance making the right choice if you’re determined to buy a grill, and we are here to help you!

Choosing the type of grill you need is an essential part of the buying process, but knowing where to make the purchase is equally important. We recommend shopping for a grill on Jiji, where you can take advantage of unbeatable prices while enjoying the unmatched quality of the grills. Browse grills for sale on Jiji to find your ideal one!

Consider the size

The first question you need to answer while choosing a grill is how many guests you are planning to regularly cook for. If the average size of your BBQ parties will be four people, or your closest family, you can save money by purchasing an affordable two-burner grill. Not only are small grills cheaper than full-size ones, but they are much easier to store and transport, which means you can effortlessly pack your grill into your car and travel to a picturesque location for a picnic.

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Charcoal or gas?

Although there are numerous types of grill fuel, the two most popular ones are charcoal and gas. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Charcoal grills are the most traditional choice; they allow you to control the level of the heat, as well as add a new flavor to your barbeque dishes by using special wood chips in addition to charcoal. However, charcoal grills take a while to get used to; plus, they’re a bit messy.

Gas grills can be turned on with a single click on the button and are great at maintaining a constant level of the heat. At the same time, food cooked with a gas grill often lacks in flavor, and, due to the gas tank that comes with the grill, the whole package is not as portable as the charcoal one.

Additional features

When you’re settled on the size of the grill and the type of fuel, it’s time to think about the extra features you want your grill to have. They may not be mandatory, but many of these features make using and storing the grill much easier for the owner. Here are some features we consider as must-have:

  • Built-in thermometer: unless you are a very experienced grill cook who can tell the temperature and readiness of the food by simply looking at it, a thermometer will help you understand the stage of the cooking process;
  • Grill cover: while high-end grills already come equipped with a cover, cheaper versions usually don’t have one, which means your brand new grill will be subjected to the weather, oxygen, and mechanical damage until you buy a well-fitting cover;
  • Preparation space: when you are having a barbeque party, you want to use as little extra equipment as possible to save space and time, and a grill that comes with its own preparation bench is a great way to experience comfortable cooking without having to use an additional table.
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