Air crash: Ronaldinho, Riquelme to play for Chapecoense

Two of South America’s most celebrated footballers, Juan Roman Riquelme and Ronaldinho are set to be reunited and join Chapecoense for six months, to help the Brazilian club rebuild after this week’s tragic air crash in Colombia, which all but wiped out the entire squad.

Reports from the continent, suggest that the two players will offer their services for free with the 38-year-old Riquelme explaining that; “My brother and my friends have asked me to do it so let’s see what happens”. 36-year-old Ronaldinho, who, despite having several offers from around the world, was preparing to hang up his boots, is ready to reconsider to help out the stricken club.

Offers of support have come flooding in from throughout the football world; PSG have reportedly pledged €40 million to help Chapecoense rebuild the team with more financial help set to be announced in the coming days.

In the meantime and despite the tragic circumstances surrounding it, fans may get one last chance to see legends of the game team up for one last hurrah.

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