Andrew Tate’s expensive supercars seized in s*x trafficking scandal (photos)

Andrew and Tristan Tate
Andrew and Tristan Tate

Pictures show Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan’s obscene supercar collection being loaded up onto trucks and impounded by police.

Romanian cops swooped on the brothers’ compound with a parade of flat bed tow trucks as they loaded up the vehicles including a Rolls Royce, a Lamborghini and an Aston Martin.

Tate’s headquarters in Bucharest was raided by police at the end of the 2022 as he, his brother and two accomplices are being held on suspicion of trafficking and organised crime.

Andrew Tate's Lamborghini
Andrew Tate’s Lamborghini

Police have seized his car collection – estimated by police sources to be worth around £6million – as part of the wide-ranging probe.

Among the seized cars there is a blue Rolls Royce Wraith estimated at £310,000 and a McLaren 765LT worth up to £410,000.

The vehicles have been taken to an undisclosed location.

At least ten properties linked to the Tate Brothers have reportedly been seized by cops from Bucharest and nearby Prahova County.

Andrew Tate's Rolls Royce
Andrew Tate’s Rolls Royce

It is said the assets seized across Romania include one Rolls Royce, one Lamborghini, one Aston Martin, one McLaren, three Porsche, two BMWs, two Ferraris and five Mercedes

Picture taken from the Tate compound show vehicles with the garish personalised licence plates “T8”.

Cops are seen working at the facility which has a large “Tate” logo accompanied by a chess piece on the back wall in huge white letters.

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The probe into the brothers deepens after the duo and their two alleged accomplices – or “angels” – were refused bail and failed in their appeal against the asset seizure.

A Ferrari and other cars being taken away
A Ferrari and other cars being taken away

The Sun Online exclusively revealed that bother Tristan’s girlfriend Abigail Tyson and Andrew’s bodyguard Bogdan Stancu also had their homes raided by cops.

Neither is currently suspected of any wrongdoing and are being treated as potential witnesses.

Tate – supported by his brother – has spent years creating a warped empire promoting toxic worldview which has infected legions of fans through TikTok.

Masquerading as lifestyle advice, much of the content is actually highly s*xist and promotes violence against women.

His influence has had a worrying spread amongst teenage boys, with one UK MP saying he is “brainwashing” children.

Tate and his brother are alleged to have used the “loverboy” method to recruit women for their webcam business.

It is claimed they would strike up relationships with the women before moving them to their compound and webcam studio in Romania.

And there DIICOT claims the women would be compelled to perform webcam shows through “physical violence and mental coercion”.

Tate initially gained fame after a short-lived appearance on Big Brother.

He was dumped from the reality show after alleged footage of him beating a woman emerged online.

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Since then he has sparked revulsion and outrage with a wave of warped content online.

Labour MP Alex Davies-Jones called on the UK Government to take action on the spread of Tate’s content – with teachers already revealing a worrying spread in schools.

“Schools across the UK are in crisis as the effect of online influencer Andrew Tate’s vile misogyny infiltrates our classrooms and society,” said Ms Davies Jones MP.

“Teachers are now having to develop their own resources to re-educate boys who are being brainwashed online by his deeply toxic messaging.”

And experts from The RAP Project, which runs workshops about rape, consent and s*xual assault, have increasingly had be called in to tackle the spread of Tate’s influence.

Meanwhile, the NSPCC has called on tech companies to do more to tackle hate content like Tate’s online.

Rani Govender, the leading charity’s child safety online policy officer, said: “This s*xist content is shaping boys’ attitudes and behaviour, causing harm to girls in and out of school and online.”

Washington DC-born Tate was banned from Twitter in 2017 for violating its terms of service with his controversial comments.

In August, Tate was banned from a range of other social media sites – only to then be reinstated on Twitter after the company was taken over by Elon Musk.

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“Andrew and Tristan vehemently deny all accusations made against them,” a spokesman for the Tates said.

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