Banker Jutting guilty of murdering two Indonesian women

British banker Rurik Jutting has been found guilty of murdering two Indonesian women in Hong Kong, in a case that has gripped the city.

A jury took around four hours to find an expressionless Jutting, who denied murder but admitted manslaughter, guilty on both counts.

The mutilated bodies of Sumarti Ningsih and Seneng Mujiasih were found in Jutting’s apartment in November 2014.

Murder carries a mandatory life sentence in Hong Kong.

In a statement read out by his lawyer, Jutting expressed remorse for the killings and accepted his actions were “horrific”.

“I remain haunted daily both by memory of my actions to Sumarti Ningsih and Seneng Mujiasih, and by knowledge of acute pain I have caused their loved ones, not least Ningsih’s young son,” he said.

“The evil I have cannot be remedied by me in words or actions. Nevertheless, for whatever it may be worth, to Ningsih’s family and friends, and Mujiasih’s family and friends, I am sorry, I am sorry beyond words.”

The two victims’ families had released statements calling for severe punishment for Jutting as well as compensation for the women’s deaths, as they were the main breadwinners.

Ms Mujiasih’s family said they were “devastated” and that they hoped Jutting could be executed “if possible”. Ms Ningsih’s family called on the Indonesian government to provide a scholarship for her seven-year-old son.

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