Boko Haram attacks UN convoy in Borno

Suspected militant Islamists have ambushed a military-escorted UN convoy carrying humanitarian aid in north-eastern Nigeria, wounding a UN worker, two other civilians and two soldiers, the army has said.

The UN children’s agency, Unicef, said the attack had forced it to temporarily suspend delivering food and medicines to thousands of people in areas badly affected by the insurgency.

“Suspected remnants” of Boko Haram were hiding in a village, before emerging to attack the convoy as it was returning to Maiduguri, the main city in the north-east, after delivering aid to civilians in Barma, about 70km (43.5 miles) away, army spokesman Col Sani Usman said.

He added that the attack had been repelled, and the wounded taken to hospital.

Boko Haram’s six-year insurgency has caused much suffering, and many children have been diagnosed with severe malnutrition, reports the BBC’s Chris Ewokor from the capital, Abuja.

There are fears that this could worsen, as aid convoys are targeted, he adds.

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