Boy rescues two-year old brother from pool, calls paramedics

A nine-year-old German boy has been hailed a hero for resuscitating his two-year-old brother after he fell into a garden swimming pool.

The brothers were being looked after by their grandmother at her home in Korbach in central Germany.

When she went to find a nappy, the younger boy Rudolf went into the garden and fell face down in the water.

The toddler, who had stopped breathing, was pulled from the pool by his brother Markus and his grandmother.

Markus then called paramedics because his grandmother has poor German and primarily speaks Russian.

The elder brother was told over the phone how to provide first aid, giving heart massage and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Rudolf began breathing again before paramedics arrived and airlifted him to hospital in Marburg, north of Frankfurt.

The paramedic who helped him praised the boy’s actions saying Markus followed instructions exactly, despite his initial panic.

Michael Seebold described how he had told the boy to put his brother in the recovery position, hold his nose and start mouth-to-mouth.

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