Church owner in trouble for luring girls into prostitution

The  founder of a white garment church in Ijoko-Ota, Ogun State, 54-year-old Idowu Olupinla, who allegedly turned the place of worship into a house of sin is now gnashing her teeth in regret, in the custody of the State Criminal Investigation Department of the Ogun State Police Command, in Abeokuta.

Olupinla allegedly formed the young female members of her church into a prostitution ring, which operated from the church premises.

As Sunday Sun learnt from the Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, the veil that covered the unholy activities that took place in the premises of the fake church was uncovered when people in the area reported that their daughters were missing.

Illiyasu said that the girls allegedly engaged in prostitution with the connivance of the prophetess, who, it was further alleged, got her share of the money made by the girls.

Even more troubling was the revelation that male members of the church freely had sex with the girls and paid them money for the ‘special services’ rendered in the course of undergoing ‘spiritual cleansing’ prayers in the premises of the church.

To lure the girls into the ring, Iliyasu said that the prophetess told them false prophesies, and encouraged them to have sex with fee-paying male members and she would collect her share of the money.

When the police got wind of the real activities going on in the supposed church, Iliyasu said that detectives stormed the place on August 20, 2016 and rescued three teenage girls, whose names were given as Saidat (16), Zainab (19) and 16-year-old Saidat H…(all surnames withheld).

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When the girls got pregnant, Olupinla, allegedly helped them abort the babies with drugs. Zainab, one of the rescued girls who narrated her experience, told Sunday Sun:  “I lost my father and decided to stay with the prophetess, Idowu Olupinla, who always prophesied and prayed for me. She said that we should allow the boys who are members of the church who came for crusade to sleep with us in the church premises and pay us N500.

“So I have been staying with the prophetess for about one year and men have been having sex with us in the church premises, and I have done five abortions with the drug that the prophetess gave us. We are almost 10 girls staying in church of the prophetess as hostages until the police came to rescue us.”

Collaborating what Zainab said, Saida H revealed that she had had two abortions, adding: “I have been in bondage under the prophetess. Men who come to her for prophesy would have sex with us and pay us only N500 and the prophetess would collect her own share from us.”

When Sunday Sun spoke with her, she denied any knowledge of what the girls claims: “I don’t know them. I have never been involved in anything of the sort they said. I never took any money from them. These are mere allegations against me. I am the founder of the church. All I know is that everybody is free to come and pray in my church and bring either the husband or wife along.”

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Illiyasu dismissed her denial as a pack of lies, stressing that the police had been receiving several complaints about the church, noting that every time young girls were missing, the girls were always seen in her custody and engaged in prostitution.

The flood of complaints made the police to conduct a raid on the place and in the process rescued the girls, whose confessions, Illiyasu said, had indicated the culpability of the suspect. He assured that she would be charged to court soon.

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