Cop responds to domestic violence call, gets killed

A suspect is in custody after a Maryville cop was shot and killed Thursday afternoon answering a domestic violence call, authorities say.

The officer was pronounced dead at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville. Police didn’t release his name, saying some of his family members were out of town and couldn’t be reached.

The shooting occurred at around 4 p.m., Maryville Police Chief Tony Crisp said.

Officers had been called to the home earlier in the day but left without making an arrest, the chief said. The Maryville officer and a Blount County Sheriff’s Office deputy, both members of the 5th Judicial District Drug Task Force, responded to the second call.

As the officers stepped out of their vehicle, a man came out the home shooting, Crisp said.

The Maryville officer was shot but returned fire, Crisp said. The man gave up after shooting the officer, the chief said.

The chief didn’t say how many shots were fired or what kind of gun was used.

Zack Wooldridge, who lives nearby, said he heard the shooting.

“It was definitely more than one shot — multiple gunshots,” he said.

Knoxville police escorted the ambulance carrying the officer on the drive to the hospital along Alcoa Highway.

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