Fox News Politics: Biden officials subpoenaed over Hunter probe

PROBING THE PROBE: House Republicans have subpoenaed Biden officials over the investigation into Hunter Biden… Read more: Comer subpoenas Mayorkas, Secret Service over tip-off of 2020 Hunter Biden tax probe interview

BRUISING SCHEDULE: President Biden said he’s had no chance to visit the site of a train derailment that happened in February… Read more: Biden says he hasn’t ‘been able to break’ for East Palestine visit, despite Lake Tahoe getaway and DE trips

COLLEGE BALL RETURNS: Former football coach and Sen. Tommy Tuberville shares his thoughts on ad contracts for student athletes… Read more: Former football coach Sen. Tommy Tuberville rips growing influence of money in college sports, wants changes

KABUL CHAOS: New book reveals Biden’s first words after learning of major turn in the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan… Read more: Book claims Biden ‘exploded’ as Afghanistan collapsed during his vacation: ‘Give me a break’

SHUTDOWN SHOWDOWN: Battle lines over funding the government are beginning to take shape less than a month before the appropriations expire Sept. 30… Read more: MTG says White House ‘attacking’ her for holding out government funding vote until impeachment inquiry begins

BOTH SIDES: Progressive politicians raise the volume in criticizing Biden’s border policies… Read more: Biden administration faces increasing pressure from the left on border, immigration policies

BORDER WATCH: One metric shows a weakness in the Biden administrations narrative on immigration… Read more: Latest increase in illegal migrant crossings undercuts Biden admin claims of progress on border crisis

HUNTER HELPER? A political reporter bristled at questions regarding the president’s son… Read more: Liberal Washington Post columnist snaps at Hunter Biden questions in testy podcast appearance, leaves

‘NEVER LOST A MAN’: Biden awards highest military honor to heroic Vietnam veteran… Read more: Biden to award Medal of Honor to Vietnam pilot for heroic rescue: ‘Never been accomplished or even attempted’

ON TRIAL: More pro-life activists face court hearings this week for D.C. demonstrations… Read more: Pro-life protesters could face up to 10 years in prison: ‘Political witch hunt’

BACK IN TOWN: Senate prepares new fight on student loan handouts after returning from August recess… Read more: Senate Republicans position for second smackdown of Biden’s student loan plan

FREEZE FRAMED: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s recent on-camera freezing episode was not a stroke, physician says… Read more: ‘No evidence’ McConnell had a seizure or stroke, Capitol attending physician says

CAPITOL HILL 101: A fresh course for GOP Hill staffers praised for giving conservatives tools to win in Washington… Read more: Conservatives tout new training program for Capitol Hill staff as ‘game changer’ for beating ‘the swamp’

LOOPHOLE? Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock accused of misreporting income he received from the church he pastors… Read more: Dem Sen Raphael Warnock faces ethics complaint alleging he potentially filed false financial disclosure

DEFUND CCP: Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford proposes bill to ensure no funding goes to Chinese schools linked to the communist party… Read more: Lankford aims to bar K-12 school funding going to Chinese Communist Party-affiliated universities

CEASEFIRE: GOP presidential rivals who sparred in the first debate appear at the same Labor Day picnic… Read more: Ramaswamy, Pence cross paths but don’t trade fire at GOP Labor Day picnic in key presidential primary state

UNLIKELY GAMBIT: Several legal experts say attempts to use the 14th Amendment to kick Trump from the ballot won’t work… Read more: Attempt to bar Trump from 2024 ballot gains steam despite ‘dubious’ and ‘dangerous’ legal arguments: experts

POLL CHECK: Commentators baffled at how close Trump and Biden are in 2024 head-to-head matchups… Read more: Mainstream pundits stunned that Trump, Biden remain so close in polls: ‘Kind of shocking’

STILL ON TOP: Trump’s domination of the GOP primary field remains solid with just months before the first 2024 votes are cast… Read more: It’s Trump’s race to lose four and a half months before the first votes for the GOP presidential nomination

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