Harvard president Claudine Gay to resign amid antisemitism, plagiarism controversies, reports say

Harvard president Claudine Gay is expected to resign Tuesday afternoon, according to reports citing unnamed sources. 

According to the Ivy League school’s newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, Gay’s resignation will bring an end to the shortest Harvard presidency in the university’s history. 

The Boston Globe also reported about Gay’s expected resignation, citing sources saying Harvard’s provost, Dr. Alan Garber, will become interim president. 

Gay, along with the presidents of MIT and UPenn, faced harsh backlash for failing to clarify at a House Education and the Workforce hearing last month whether calls for intifada or the genocide of Jews on campus violated their institutions’ codes of conduct or policies against bullying and harassment. 

The hearing came in response to rising antisemitism at American universities following Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attacks in southern Israel. 

Gay has also been at the center of a scandal in which she was accused of multiple instances of plagiarism in scholarly works.

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