MURIC slams Dino Melaye on Tinubu not being a Muslim

Bola Tinubu
Bola Tinubu

“We will continue to manifest love and friendship towards those Christians North and South of Nigeria who respect Allah-given fundamental human rights of Muslims. At the right time, we will respect the right of those who respect our right to brandish a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

“We advise Dino to turn his attention to other useful things. Nigerian Muslims are determined to bring Tinubu to power. We need Tinubu to reenact the Midas touch demonstrated in Lagos. We have seen Lagos and we crave Lagos. But only Lagosians and those who have visited Lagos have tasted the fruits of Tinubu’s dividends. We are eager to see those dividends spread all over Nigeria.

“As we drop the anchor, we warn that no intruder should show us parameters for measuring Tinubu’s level of faith. Dino Melaye should leave that to the Muslims. Dino is not one of us. Therefore, he has no locus standi to question Tinubu’s level of faith as a Muslim. Our message to Dino Melaye is : Don’t go there at all, caveat emptor.”

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