My lover left me when I told her I will give my house to my wife


My lover ditched me and ordered me not to call her again after I revealed that I intended to sign my house over to my wife in the event of our divorce.

I’m really puzzled because I believed she saw my future with her and I too. I’m not sure if I should try to save my boring marriage at this point.

My wife and I have been married for seven years; she is 34 and I am 35. My ex-girlfriend is 36.

I was tired with our s*x life and my wife and I had lost our spark.

As a result, when an ex-girlfriend who I thought had “gotten away” at university messaged me on Facebook, the fire that had been absent from my marriage was rekindled.

The chemistry we had as classmates returned when we eventually met, and an affair seemed inevitable.

We jumped into bed and had a passionate, four-month relationship.

My lover admitted to me that she too intended to divorce her spouse.

Being a proper couple was a topic we discussed.

I made the decision that signing the house over to my wife would be the least I could do because I knew how much it would pain her.

My lover became icy when I told her because she had been preparing to move into my house.

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It looked like a large part of my attractiveness was my magnificent home, which was more spacious, located in a nicer neighborhood, and cost more than hers.

She didn’t want me if my house wasn’t part of the deal. And that put an end to our relationship.

I went back to my wife and confessed everything, torn with remorse.

To my astonishment, she has expressed her desire to save our marriage and her forgiveness for me. However, I’m not sure whether this is what I want.

Maybe it’s past its prime and I should leave?

RESPONSE: You’ve got a lucky escape.

It’s better that you discovered your ex-lover’s motivations before upending your entire life for her because she sounds like a gold-digger.

But if you weren’t miserable, you wouldn’t have been tempted to have an affair.

No partnership continues to be as effortlessly passionate as it was in the beginning.

You must continue to work on it as a team if you want it to stay current.
You won’t experience happiness if you chase excitement.

Your wife has given you the opportunity to create something enduring and significant. Take it if this is what you want.

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