Why Nigerians love black Friday

In the past, Black Friday wasn’t a big deal. It quietly came and walked away without any buzz. The Black Friday adrenalin was, however, pumped up to a palpable frenzy with the entry of online shopping. Now, almost every Nigerian looks forward to the last week of November to do their shopping. In fact, some Nigerians have been saving since the beginning of the year just to shop on the biggest shopping week of the year.

Statistics show that 2.3 million people visited Jumia on Black Friday the previous year and 76% of all transactions were made on mobile. Interesting right? Hence, there is no doubt Nigerians love Black Friday. But Why? We share 5 reasons.

You will get crazy discount

The import of Black Friday is to get mouthwatering discount and exclusive deals that you cannot get on any other week or day of the year. You can get as much as 50% on hotel bookings and other household items on Black Friday. Add this to the fact that Nigerians love cheap and amazing offers.

Opportunity to do all your Xmas shopping

Black Friday is an opportunity for you to do your Christmas shopping. This is also important because, in Nigeria, prices usually skyrocket in December. So, it is smart to do all your shopping on Black Friday rather than waiting till December.

Save significantly

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Nigeria is in recession. So, if you don’t have enough money to buy what you want, Black Friday is the week to wait for. With the exclusive deals, you can buy whatever you want with what you have in your pocket. You will also save.

You get what you want

What do you want to buy or book Hotels? Electronics? Household items? Groceries? Fashion items? There is a 95% chance you will get them on Black Friday at fantastic prices because businesses do their utmost best to ensure that they have anything and everything their customers want.

They don’t need to visit a physical store

Most of the Black Friday shopping transactions Nigerians do is online. They don’t need to visit any physical store. In other words, it is convenient coupled with the delivery at your doorstep. For other days, Nigerians may probably prefer to visit their favourite online store.

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