Nigeria’s film industry can promote tourism

Nollywood is the sobriquet for Nigeria’s film industry and it is unarguably the biggest in Africa. The industry has grown in leaps and bounds that it is recognized all over the world. In fact, the quality of Nigerian movies has improved that it now feature Hollywood actors. Although Nollywood is yet to reach the zenith, it has made significant and appreciable progress.

According to Africarenewal online, the Nigerian film industry produces about 50 movies per week, second only to Bollywood. In terms of revenue, Nollywood still generates an impressive $590 million annually. In addition, the entire industry according to data released in 2014 showed that Nollywood is a mouthwatering $3 billion industry.

At Jumia Travel, we believe that Nollywood is a thriving gold mine and if massively exploited, it can help promote and grow Nigeria’s hospitality industry. From our food and dress culture to hotels and tourism destinations, they are all needed to produce a movie. While some producers are already doing, others are not. Hence, we share some ideas on how Nollywood can promote the Hospitality industry.

Shoot movies at these destinations

Nigerians movies are watched all over the all over the world. It has prompted pay TV owners to dedicate channels to showing only Nigerian movies. So, if movies are shot at this destinations regularly, it will doubt showcase the beauty of Nigeria. For example, shooting a movie at the Kajuru Castle, or a scene at Badagry in Lagos, it will no doubt advertise these sites and encourage visitors to check out these sites.

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Write scripts that portray our friendliness

In different parts of Africa, Nigerian movies are popular for highlighting witchcraft. Although producers have improved scripting, there is still a long way to go because these witchcraft movies have damaged our image. Producers should abdicate the witchcraft scripts for the ones that promote culture, unity, and diversity of Nigerians.

Become tourism ambassadors

Tourism is a money-spinner that government is grappling to recognize. Since Nollywood is already achieving its potentials, it is only fair for it to rub-off on the hospitality and tourism industry. Nollywood actors and actresses can become ambassadors for hotels, and these tourist destinations. This is something the Nigerian Tourism Development Board can explore. Imagine, a tour to Obudu Cattle Ranch is in the offing and you have an actress like Genevieve Nnaji on board as a tourism ambassador, so many Nigerians will be interested.

Highlight major landmarks

Even if producers don’t shoot movies at tourist’s destinations, they can highlight major tourists landmarks featured in it. For example, I watched a movie where a train was railing past a major landmark in Italy. There was an announcement where passengers were told everything they needed to know about that site. We cannot the same thing in Nigerian movies. You show Zuma Rock in Abuja in a movie, you can brief give tell them about Zuma rock.

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Showcase Nigeria’s food and dress culture

If you watch Indian movies, they try as much as possible to sell their way of life. From culture to food, dress, and even religion. It is a well-rounded movie indoctrination. Nigerian producers can also do this.

Written By Adeniyi Ogunfowoke

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