Puerto Rico governor’s office ordered to drop slogan over electioneering concerns

The Puerto Rico governor’s office must stop using the slogan “Making things happen” to promote the administration’s work because it looks like election campaigning, election officials said Wednesday.


The phrase can no longer appear on ads launched with public money by the administration of Gov. Pedro Pierluisi, who is seeking a second term in an election this year. The opposition Popular Democratic Party has challenged the administration’s use of the phrase.

Walter Vélez, who oversees the election comptroller’s office, told reporters that the slogan could allude to achievements and goals, both of which are barred under laws restricting the use of public funds for election-related advertising.

Sheila Angleró, a spokeswoman for Pierluisi, said the governor’s office is evaluating the decision.

A lawsuit filed in October last year by the Popular Democratic Party alleges that more than $3 million in public funds have been used to promote the slogan, and the case is pending in court.

Jesús Manuel Ortiz, the party’s president, said in a statement that it’s regrettable the slogan wasn’t struck down until this year, adding that the funds should not be used “to develop campaigns to highlight anyone’s image.”

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