Violence erupts in 5 States as Shia leader’s home is burnt

The home of a Shia Muslim leader in northern Nigeria’s Kaduna state has been torched, police say, as violence reportedly flares up in five states over Shia commemorations to mourn the killing of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Hussein in 680 AD in modern-day Iraq.

Mutari Sahabi’s home was set alight by unidentified youth, police said.

He is a leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), the main Shia group in Nigeria.

Police said many Shia were wounded in northern Kaduna state when they came under attack from young men.

Officers rescued about 100 Shia from the attackers, police added.

In Jos city in central Plateau state, a Shia centre was set alight, eyewitnesses said.

Most Muslims in Nigeria belong to the rival Sunni sect. The two groups sharply disagree over Hussein’s death, often leading to clashes during the annual Shia-organised commemorations held on what is known in Islam as the day of Ashura.

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