Why Men Won’t Travel With a Nigerian Woman

Travel is fun. It is even more thrilling and pleasurable when you travel with your woman. She is your perfect companion throughout the trip. It is never a dull moment and you get to spend time together. Speaking from experience, I had a memorable time with my significant other during our short stay at Grand Ibro hotel in Abuja early in the year. Don’t ask me for details.

However, there are lots of baggage that come with junketing with a woman notwithstanding if she is your wife, mother, girlfriend or side chic. This is why some men hate to travel with them due to these shenanigans. No offense dear female folks! Jumia Travel gathers some of these reasons. Despite this, we are very sure that these men love their women.

They take hours to dress up

Men have complained bitterly about the minutes or hours some women take to dress up. Meanwhile, you are already running very late to catch your flight. Most times, reason women give is that they want to look good for their man. Of course, they always expect men to be patient and wait for them.

They will always over pack

A man will only have a single box and he is good to go for a year. But with a woman, they will have several boxes because they always pack everything they need. Even if you are taking a flight, they are not perturbed about the extra charges. You have to pay. And please, don’t try to stop them if you don’t want ‘trouble’!

They are likely to forget something

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After all the over packing, you will be shocked that they will still forget something. For example, they may forget to book a hotel, ATM cards, and even their phones. This is part reason why some men prefer to plan the entire trip themselves.

Impulse buying

Very few women will see a beautiful bag, cloth, necklace or shoe and not be interested in buying. They will drag you to that store and ensure that they purchase it. By the way, you don’t have to worry about settling the bills. They will do that themselves. Again, patience!

You don’t want to be present when they haggle

Haaaaa…have you ever seen a woman haggle? You don’t want to be present. How much is this? Madam it’s 5,000. 5,000…ke? Let me pay 3,000? Ok. Madam bring  your money. Looks at the cloth for several minutes. This is not worth 3,000. Let me pay 1,500… SMH!

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