Wike’s Offensive against Barry

Barry Mpigi should never have shown the dexterity of a wizened political gladiator. But he did and for good measure too.

He took Oyigbo against the wish of Governor Nyesom Wike, conquered his home base and set his sights firmly on the battle for the political soul of Eleme.
Barry didn’t end there.

Like a Spartan, Barry drowned attempts to deny him of his hard won victory in Tai when Wike and his cronies encamped against INEC in a bid to stop the commission from accepting the final result.

Many fans of Magnus Abe say Abe is able. Abe has stood up to Wike and the PDP more than any one else. More than any of APC’s senatorial candidates who are fighting to edge out opponents sponsored by Wike, Abe appears more certain of victory.

In the fight against Wike in the Rivers South East, Abe has more than 35000 unadulterated votes. This has left Olaka Nwogu and his backers gasping for air.

Do you really need to look too far to understand why Wike has being on the tail of Abe and Barry?
Wike must have dreams that hurt whenever he thinks of Barry Mpigi. Wike used to describe Barry as a general when he worked with Amaechi.

When the rebellion against Amaechi was hatched in the Jonathan era, Barry was apparently one of the favourites Wike had hoped to net. That didn’t happen.

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So you can understand why Wike wants so very much to put Barry in harm’s way; why Barry is accused of murder; and why Wike has ordered his Attorney General to commence proceedings against one who was once a friend of his.

On the drawing board, it appears Wike has come to one conclusion. To stop Abe, he either needs to inconvenience Barry or simply lock him away as he did to Ojukaye Amachree.
What a world we live in folks! Can all this be politics?

Strangely Barry is accused of killing a woman. Strangely too, the move against Barry is coming as he prepares for the Eleme vote which may not deter his march forward. But which may give Abe an extra boost.

Life is valuable. Nobody, no matter how privileged, has a right to take the life of another. If that’s the point Wike is trying to make, it is understandable.

It would however, be counter productive if truth is set aside in search of shadows; if a government would go out of the way to target citizens who have committed no crime.
That won’t be right.

We have a state for instance, that wears the look of Golgotha. Human skulls have been heartlessly placed on our roadsides like decorations. Mutilated bodies which paint gory images have been tossed around by the way side like unwanted wastes. Whole families have equally been wiped away under our very noses while some villages have been sacked and our people sent packing by gun-crazy hitmen.

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Those responsible for these atrocities have not been brought to justice. Maybe, they are unknown civilians, apologies to late Fela Anikulakpo who sang about the Unknown Soldier.

Barry didn’t do it. Otherwise he would not be walking free since that incident. Why now? Can this really be politics? Try as I can, I still can’t understand what our politics has turned to.

The gubernatorial elections have come and gone. Government has been formed and the governor needs not be a governor of the PDP.He simply should be the governor of all, a governor who brings everybody together under one roof and a governor who acts like the good shepherd. This is not meant to be a viltrolic attack on Wike. It is a mere advice. Time is ticking. The world is watching. The Rivers people are waiting too.

We need not allow the karma which is the direct result of our deeds or misdeeds to trail us forever. For, as the saying goes, he that lives by the sword will die by the sword. Those words are uniquely spiritual. They tell us of what may transpire here or hereafter when all is quiet and dust returns to dust.

One good deed may well reduce the impact of the karma to come. I do hope my good friend Wike would appreciate this.

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